Current research grants

2018 2020 “Donor-acceptor alkenes and cyclopropanes in the syntheses of bioactive heterocyclic compounds” (Russian Science Foundation, Project No. 18-13-00449)

2018 – 2020  “Activated cyclopropanes as reagents for the synthesis of natural and synthetic bioactive compounds” (Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Project No. 18-03-00954 А)

2018 – 2019  “Activated cyclopropanes as reagents in the direct synthesis of natural bioactive compounds and their synthetic analogs” (President of the Russian Federation Grant for young scientists, Project No. МК-1567.2018.3)

2017 – 2019  “Development of approaches to the synthesis of medicinal substances – structural analogs of natural bioactive compounds, based on the activated cyclopropanes” (Russian Science Foundation, Project No. 17-73-10404)

2017 – 2019  “Cycloaddition/annulation reactions of activated cyclopropanes in the synthesis of physiologically active carbo- and heterocyclic compounds” (State assignment of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Project No. 4.5386.2017)